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Truth or dare? Truth!

At times, the truth can be very confusing or difficult to grasp, and is not simply clear as black and white.  For example, discerning right from wrong, and in some cases, to know whether or not there is even a right and wrong.  We kicked off this summer with a series titled: Truth or dare?  Truth!  Is there such a thing as truth and if so, what is the truth?  We studied through various scriptural verses and concluded that the Bible clearly makes a strong case that Truth definitely exists, one thing that cannot be denied!  The next question we studied was, what is the correct Truth then?  Students discussed how, on this point, many people disagree and how even our answers divert from one another under various sample life scenarios that tested our views on what is right and wrong.  We dug deeper in scripture reading in search of God’s ultimate standard of truth, and discussed the importance of realizing what life is like when we live apart from God’s and only God’s real truth.

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