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The Truth About Words

Today, the youth sermon focused on the truth about words.

James 1:26 

 26 Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless.

Many fun tricks can be done with our tongue such as trying to reach our nose with it, or trying to form a clover shape. However, the bible takes the use of our tongues, words that are spoken with it, as a serious business and how it is a reflection of our heart and is also related to our spiritual lives in a significant way.

Together, we dug deep into scripture of what God has to say about the tongue and our ability to control it. We looked at two examples of how we may misuse our tongue: involving in gossiping and choosing to speak reckless words (swearing, cursing, etc.). As believers in Jesus, we learned that gossiping is not tolerated and that it is condemned in the scripture. We learned that words are serious and we should realize the impact it has on others.

Through discussion, we shared personal experiences of being gossiped about and how we ourselves often gossiped about others. We also confessed about how we may sometimes not use the nicest words when conversing with friends. We wrote these all down on a piece of paper and together prayed to God one-on-one to forgive us and to provide us with wisdom and discernment in our choice of words spoken with friends and family around us going forward. Afterwards, we ripped our paper as a way to signify that we will never speak of these words or gossips again.


We concluded the sermon with a reminder that God has given us all a responsibility to treat our body as a temple of the Holy Spirit, which includes taking responsibility and control of our tongue from speaking hateful words, filthy words and from gossiping and looked at some ways we can use our words for good instead.


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