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Spiritual Habits: Silence!

Spiritual Habits: Silence

In today’s sermon, we learned about the amount of noise there exists in our lives. Just to name a few of the many, there is physical noise, physiological noise, and psychological noise. Noise comes in all kinds of shapes, size and forms, and most of the time, it serves as a distraction in our progression and focus in life, and especially when we are trying to converse with another person! The example we looked at today was how the many different forms of noise can act as a distraction that drifts us away from our focus in our relationship with God. As a result, at times, silence and solitude is suggested and in some cases, it is commanded. The scripture mentions about silence and how it is applied in various ways. The bottom line is that in silence and solitude, we are able to put into perspective our relationship with God. All the noises in the world often blocks out the voice of God, however, with the practice of silence, we are able to connect with our Father and be ready to recognize his voice when he calls us even in whispers! Jesus was surrounded by silence on occasions, which helped Him to re-center what was most important to Him! In the same way, we too should also develop a spiritual habit of practicing silence and solitude to ensure that we do not get carried away and distracted from the many forms of noises in each of our lives. By doing so, we are able to put our full attention and focus on God which is the start of growing deeper in our relationship with Him!


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