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Spiritual Habits: Reading the Bible

12 I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people.

Leviticus 26:12


This week we looked at the first spiritual habit that we should all adopt into our daily life: reading the Bible.

Many of us have been advised to start reading the bible as early as we learned to read. Ever since, it has been an obligated task for us to read at night before going bed and of course on Sundays at church. However, we never really grasped the reason for why we really need to read the Bible.

Today, in continuation of last week’s introductory sermon, we learned how reading the Bible could deepen our relationship with God. The students all took part in an activity where they had to guess the voice of a cartoon character being played through an audio. Many students guessed the characters, others partly. The objective of this activity was to illustrate to the students that the characters they guessed correctly were the ones they watched on a normal basis from TV, and hence, were able to recognize the voices. In the same way, in order for us to recognize God’s voice and converse with Him to grow a deeper relationship with God, we should be reading the bible daily (like watching a TV) in order to recognize what God is saying and sharing with us. Without getting familiarized with His words, we will not know if it is God speaking to us or converse with Him in our prayers.

Another reason why we need to read the bible is because, it is our personal guide in life. Imagine that there is a math test tomorrow, however, the teacher offers to provide you with the solutions to all the questions. Would you not accept the offer? In the same way, God has provided us with a full solutions manual to living a blessful and fruitful life, something not even Moses, Joshua, Joseph nor David got to have! However, depending on our trust and faith in God, we either choose to accept or some even refuse the offer with the reason being that we simply claim to know better of how to live our life. Who knows our life better than the creator himself, just like an inventor would know how to work an invented item best more than anyone else? By reading the Bible, we surrender our lives to God, allowing Him to lead, discipline, and guide us.

To close last and this week’s sermon, we questioned whether God ever grew stale in our relationship with Him. The answer is no. Although our positions may alter, further away or grow closer to God, God never moves away from us. He is waiting for us, and will always walk with us. We realized the real question to ask is whether WE desire a relationship with God. If so, is it enough to work for it?


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