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Obeying Jesus

June – July 2018

He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”’ (Luke 11:28 NIV)

In the series of Obeying Jesus, the children learned about the importance of obeying Jesus and about what happens when we do not do so.  For example, our lives can get quickly distressed when we take the focus off God and onto ourselves.  To demonstrate this, the children explored through the Bible to learn about some famous people like Jonah, Saul, and Samson, just to name a few.

 Here is a recap from Part 2 of this series – Obeying God Completely

Have we ever made an excuse of not doing something that we know we should do?  That probably may be the case with the most of us.  The children were asked this question and to share their stories with the class.  “Nope, not really,” one child mentioned.  Now, that is great to hear, but once in a while we may still find ourselves in situations where we make bad excuses.  That was the case with Jonah as he tried to run away from God’s order to warn his enemies of God’s judgement.  From Jonah, the children learned about why it is important to take God at His Word and do what He says, instead of making excuses.  To better illustrate the story, the children took part in fun craft activity where they created a giant fish blown out of a balloon with Jonah swallowed up inside the fish (see photo below).

Photo caption: Above is a giant fish balloon created by one of the students during Sunday School.


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